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47th Marcialonga of Fiemme and Fassa in Trentino
Berdal won ahead of Gjerdalen and Eliassen, Roethe 9th, Cologna 25th, Northug 99th
Team Koteng in the women’s race: Kari Gjeitnes won ahead of Slind and Korsgren
Best Italians: Sara Pellegrini 13th, Gilberto Panisi of Team Robinson Trentino 48th, Melandri 2536th

“Alt for Norge!” is the royal motto of Norway. The last three kings have adopted this motto, which became one of the main symbols of the Norwegian struggle during the German occupation of Norway in World War II. In today’s Marcialonga of Fiemme and Fassa – 70km from Moena to Cavalese – it has been “all for Norway” with nine Harald V’s subjects in the top ten positions. Tord Asle Gjerdalen, the Norwegian who usually wears Ray-Ban glasses, was chasing his fourth victory at Marcialonga to become the athlete who has won the most Marcialonga editions together with Joergen Aukland. But Bjoerseth Berdal (Team Koteng) took the lead on the Cascata Climb – the decisive point in every edition of Marcialonga – and crossed the finish line in first place. Berdal seems to be very strong in the classics of the Visma Ski Classics. In fact, he has won the last edition of Vasaloppet and finished 2nd in Marcialonga 2018 behind Chernousov. Today one of his dreams came true: “Marcialonga is the most beautiful race of the whole season”. Petter Eliassen, winner of the last edition, had a good strategy but wasn’t able to claim another victory. The Team Ragde athletes (Gjerdalen, Eliassen and Nygaard) couldn’t beat Berdal today. In the women’s race, Kari Vikhagen Gjeitnes, also from Norway, surprisingly won ahead of the other Norwegian Astrid Oeyre Slind – who is likely to win the Visma Ski Classics title – and the Swede Lina Korsgren. The two favourites in the women’s race, Britta Johansson Norgren – who won the last two editions of Marcialonga – and Katerina Smutna, finished sixth and seventh respectively. Italy’s Sara Pellegrini of Fiamme Oro finished 13th while Gilberto Panisi of Team Robinson Trentino was 48th. The World Cup athletes Sjur Roethe (9th) and Dario Cologna (25th) had a good performance after the FIS Cross-Country World Cup stage in Oberstdorf: “This race is very interesting – said Cologna – because you go through the many villages with many supporters. Many people cheered me on, it was awesome. I really like this valley, I’m always happy to come back here. In 2013, I won the World Championships in Val di Fiemme”. They fought until the end but were not able to beat the long-distance pros. Petter Northug finished 99th. On Instagram he showed his difficulties in competing in double pooling with his hands covered with grazes. Gjerdalen was disappointed and admitted that it would have been better to finish 11th or 12th rather than second at Marcialonga, a race he’s been training for for a whole season. The final result was uncertain until the last metre. Runar Skaug Mathisen tried to take the lead many times, but in vain. It was a tactical race with Nygaard leading for Team Ragde, a task carried out by the winner of the last Visma Ski Classics race, and Chris Andre Jespersen for Team Koteng. Even Nikita Kriukov and Dario Cologna were in the leading group until the second half of the race. Sjur Roethe seemed to be the strongest of the FIS Cross-Country World Cup skiers but Tord Asle Gjerdalen is "Mr Marcialonga", and the others have to follow him. But the Norwegian accelerated too early on the Cascata Climb, even though Eliassen had also 'worked' for him, and wasn’t able to beat Berdal. The 45km Marcialonga Light finished in Predazzo and saw the victory of the Czech Tereza Hujerova and the Russian Egor Mitroshin. Marco Melandri, Trentino and Marcialonga Ambassador, took part in the long-distance race and finished 2536th.
Marcialonga Young was won by Sabrina Nicolodi - SC Fiavè ASD (Allievi F), Giovanni Fanton - Monti Pallidi (Allievi M), Gabriella Zanettel - US Primiero ASD (Aspiranti F), Tor Ronnestrand - Svezia (Aspiranti M), Maria Eugenia Boccardi - Marzola GSD (Junior F), Matteo Leso - GS Fiamme Oro (Junior M). Now Marcialonga will wait for the last participant to cross the finish line who will be welcomed as if he were the first.
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Marcialonga 70 km - Men
1 Berdal Tore Bjoerseth NOR 3:05:52.01; 2 Gjerdalen Tord Asle NOR 3:05:53.57; 3 Eliassen Petter NOR 3:05:54.80; 4 Nygaard Andreas NOR 3:06:02.03; 5 Pedersen Morten Eide NOR 3:06:09.70; 6 Holmberg Andreas SWE 3:06:14.15; 7 Thyli Vetle NOR 3:06:16.55; 8 Hoelgaard Stian NOR 3:06:17.19; 9 Roethe Sjur NOR 3:06:25.08; 10 Jespersen Chris Andre NOR 3:06:25.41
Marcialonga 70 km - Women
1 Gjeitnes Kari Vikhagen NOR 3:21:59.20; 2 Slind Astrid Oeyre NOR 3:22:06.29; 3 Korsgren Lina SWE 3:22:56.66; 4 Dahl Ida SWE 3:25:03.38; 5 Fleten Emilie NOR 3:25:23.86; 6 Norgren Britta SWE 3:26:29.54; 7 Smutna Katerina AUT 3:29:17.86; 8 Elebro Sofie SWE 3:29:29.30; 9 Larsson Jenny SWE 3:31:50.15; 10 Tsareva Olga RUS 3:32:39.12
Marcialonga Light - Men
1 Mitroshin Egor RUS 2:04:42.24; 2 Spirin Sergey RUS 2:08:12.14; 3 Cerutti Lorenzo ITA 2:08:15.62; 4 Maenpaa Robin FIN 2:13:35.64; 5 TORESEN Jens Petter NOR 2:14:53.37; 6 Sandoz Daniel SUI 2:16:41.14; 7 Curti Luca ITA 2:17:00.06; 8 Kravchenko Pavel RUS 2:18:56.74; 9 Szczotka Mateusz POL 2:19:19.45; 10 Costantin Davide ITA 2:23:03.90
Marcialonga Light - Women
1 Hujerova Tereza CZE 2:22:43.27; 2 Norheim Johanne NOR 2:30:19.41; 3 Piller Caterina ITA 2:33:31.65; 4 Bolzan Lisa ITA 2:38:06.43; 5 Astashkina Iulia RUS 2:41:11.96; 6 Gentile Marta ITA 2:42:23.73; 7 Beri Paola ITA 2:42:32.97; 8 Rosa Deborah ITA 2:44:19.72; 9 Invernizzi Aurora ITA 3:12:03.79; 10 Beumler Tanja SUI 3:13:10.04
Marcialonga Young:
Allievi F: 1 Nicolodi Sabrina Sc Fiave' Asd 0:35:13.55; 2 Bernsten Filippa Sweden 0:37:18.75; 3 Bertolini Silvia Fondo Val Sole 0:37:53.20; 4 Broch Arianna Us Primiero Asd 0:38:03.14; 5 Cozzitorto Elisa Marzola Gsd 0:38:30.01
Allievi M: 1 Fanton Giovanni Monti Pallidi 0:31:57.58; 2 Romagna Nicola Us Primiero Asd 0:32:00.03; 3 Boccardi Lorenzo Marzola Gsd 0:32:34.83; 4 Leso Christian Us Dolomitica 0:32:36.07; 5 Mazzel Stefano Us Dolomitica 0:32:49.62
Apiranti F: 1 Zanetel Gabriella Us Primiero Asd 0:34:15.36; 2 Bonetti Angelica Sc Rabbi 0:35:03.91; 3 Cicolini Michela Sc Rabbi 0:36:41.50; 4 Moser Martina Castello Fiemme 0:36:47.91; 5 Selva Angelica Nordik Ski 0:36:55.53
Aspiranti M: 1 Ronnestrand Tor Sweden 0:45:09.13; 2 Varesco Giacomo Castello Fiemme 0:45:45.65; 3 Vanzo Martino Asd Cauriol 0:46:26.13; 4 Doliana Denis Asd Cauriol 0:48:12.95; 5 Iellici Matteo Asd Cauriol 0:49:03.76
Junior F: 1 Boccardi Maria Eugenia Marzola Gsd 0:33:27.35; 2 Loss Valentina Us Primiero Asd 0:34:52.03; 3 Farina Anna Sc Fiave' Asd 0:35:38.46; 4 Pradel Anna Us Primiero Asd 0:36:22.51; 5 Tomasini Greta Brentonico 0:36:47.55
Junior M: 1 Leso Matteo Gs Fiamme Oro 0:44:36.70; 2 Chiocchetti Alessandro Gs Fiamme Gialle 0:44:59.73; 3 Bernardi Riccardo Us Dolomitica 0:45:23.79; 4 Andrighi Mattia Fondo Val Sole 0:46:09.66; 5 Longo Fabio Cornacci Tesero 0:48:22.24

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