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June 14th 2015

race rules

1)  "Marcialonga Cycling Craft" is a bicycle race on road over two distances - 80km mediofondo  and 135km granfondo.

2) Date: Sunday 14th June, 2015.

3) All male and female cyclists from 18 years old and members of the Cycling International Associations (UCI) may enter the race. For those who are not licensed, but wish to take part in the competitive race, a  medical certificate specific for bicycle disciplines and attending the physical ability of the athlete will be requested. The Granfondo 135 km course is open for racers from 19 to 64 years old. The Mediofondo 80 km is open for 17 and over 65 years old racers and also to non-competitive cyclists with medical certificate for sport activities.
Pro, Elite and Under 23 are admitted only for promotional purposes upon invitation from the Organising Committee and have no right to be ranked.
The Organising Committee has the right to reject entries of competitors with a proved unsportsmanlike behavior especially when previously disqualified for doping.

4) Entries must be submitted on-line on www.marcialonga.it, by filling in the entry-form with all requested personal details. The payment can be done:

For entries with bank transfer the copy of the payment must be sent to the fax no. +39 0462- 501120 or to info@marcialonga.it.
Incomplete entry-forms or without the payment will not be accepted. It is recommended the indication of all personal data, including the Team name, its code and the card number. 
Teams registration can be done by sending the list of athletes with the required data, with the copy of the total payment enclosed.
The entry gives the right to compete in the race and to use all the services provided by the Organising Committee: drink and food stations, technical and medical assistance, shower and Pasta Party, massage, bike parking and medal at the finish. Every other expense is in charge of the competitor.

5) The entry-fee is:

  • 30,00 € up to May 11th
  • 35,00 € from May 12th until June 12th
  • 40,00 € on Saturday June 13th - deadline.

On-line entries will close Saturday 13th at 6.00 p.m. 
For those who cannot take part in the race, the OC gives the possibility to ask for the passage of fee (not starting number) to another cyclist. The request must be sent by email info@marcialonga.it or fax +39 062 501120, with all the data of the new racer, within the 11th of June. The fee for the name change is 10,00 € that will be requested at the bib collection. Entry-fees will not be returned for any reason and are not valid for next editions. The exchange of bibs among competitors is forbidden and can lead to disqualification. 

6) The starting numbers are decided by the Organising Committee with unquestionable sentence as follows:

1st GATE 2nd GATE 3rd GATE 4th GATE  5th GATE 
1-60 61-550 551-1.200 1.201-1.700  1.701-3.000
TOP 5 MEN 2014 - 80 km < 2:25 - 80 km  2014 < 2:27 - 80 km  2014 LICENSED  LICENSED 
TOP 5 MEN 2014 - 135 km < 4:44 - 135 km  2014 < 4:53 - 135 km 2014   NON-LICENSED 
1st LADY 2014 - 80&135 km ALL LADIES      

If the group fills up, the racer will move to next lower available one.

7) Start-numbers must be collected at the Race Office in Predazzo during the following hours:

  • SATURDAY 13th June 2015: 9.30 a.m. - 12.00 and 2.00 p.m. - 7.00 p.m.
  • SUNDAY 14th June 2014: 5.30 a.m. - 7.00 a.m.

It is mandatory to present the National Federation Card for licensed or the medical certificate. If already sent with the entry-form, an ID document will be requested. The collection of start-numbers by a delegate is allowed upon presentation of a proxy and the copy of the National Federation Card of the registered person.
For teams, a representative of the group can pick up all start-numbers, presenting the complete list of all competitors signed by the Team President and the original receipt of the total payment. Upon request, to be sent to the Organising Committee not later than Thursday, June 11th, starting numbers may be prepared in a single package.
Start-numbers and gadgets will not be sent at home if not collected at the race office. In case of clothing as gift, sizes are guaranteed only for Saturday collection.

8) The timing service will be provided by MySDAM, using MYLAPS ChampionChip technology.Participants are supposed to use a chip in order to have their race timed. They will be allowed to use their own personal chip or to rent a daily chip.Participants not using the chip or not fixing it properly on the bike won’t be listed in the official results.The general ranking will be drawn up on the official time while the age category ranking, on the real time.

9) The start in Predazzo is at 7.30 o'clock. The check-in at the gate begins at 6.30 o’clock and it is mandatory. Start in a previous gate will lead to disqualification. The time limit is 5 hours for the medium distance and 8 hours for the long one. Those who do not pass in these times limits will be considered out of the race.The distance between the two lengths can be chosen during the race. 

10) The roads are open to the normal traffic: each competitor must observe the highway code and behave consequently. A service for collecting those who are no more able to continue is provided by the organisation.

11) Electronic passage checking will be set up by the Organising Committee: those who are not timed in these points will be disqualified. Moreover two time-gates will be set in:

  • 11.30 a.m. Passo di Lavazè km 60;
  • 12.00 p.m. Predazzo km 80 (after this time all participants will be redirected to the finish of the medium course);
  • 01.30 p.m. Passo San Pellegrino Km 100.

12) The wearing of the helmet is mandatory during the whole race, tightly fixed.

13) The use of private technical assistance is strictly forbidden and leads to disqualification. An appropriate assistance is provided by the organisation indicated along the course or the competitor can do it by her/himself.

14) For circumstances beyond one's control, the Organising Committee can decide to make changes to the race rules, to the course or even cancel the races.In case of cancellation the Organising Committee will guarantee to all the registered people the 50% discount on next year fee.

15) Protests must be delivered to the Jury within half an hour after the end of the race, accompanied by 50,00 €. The fee will be refunded if the protest is accepted.

16) It must be clear that to take part in Marcialonga Cycling Craft it is necessary to be physically and technically well-prepared: for this reason every competitor, when entering the race, must be personally responsible for declaring to be properly trained.

17)  The Organising Committee is authorized to apply penalties or disqualify competitors for unsportsmanlike conduct during the event. 

18) By sending the entry-form the competitor, together with the chief of the team, certifies that there are no sporting sanctions, civil and/or criminal penalties, even if granted, or ongoing investigations against her/him for acts relating to doping and declare not to have assumed or not assuming substances included in the list of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The mendacious self-certification will be prosecuted according to law.

19) By sending the entry-form, competitors acknowledge and accept these rules, exempting the Organising Committee from any liability in case of damage done or suffered.For any other matter not in the present booklet, it is to be considered the U.C.I. Guidelines for Cycling Competitions.

As established in the Law D.Lgs. 196/03 Art.13, the personal details of competitors will be used for the database, the archives, the start and result lists, the photo-service, the different information and magazines, only by the people in charge of this job inside the Marcialonga Organising Committee, which is the named responsible as establish in the same law Art. 11. It is possible at any time to require the Privacy Rights of the D.Lgs. 196/03 Art. 7.

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