Marcialonga Scholarship

Marcialonga awards the commitment of the students

One of the reasons why Marcialonga has become so popular in the world, so coveted by cross-country skiers, so internationally valued, it is also thanks to the inhabitants of Fiemme and Fassa valleys, involved as volunteers, essential for the success of the events, responsible for so many high level services, or just enthusiastic and careful spectators along the course, or, why not, faithful competitors of the races.

Among those people there are also many boys and girls who are actively engaged, and Marcialonga has decided to dedicate them a special thought: award their engagement and spur them to give always their best at school, in sport activities and in voluntary sectors.

For the session 2016/2017 Marcialonga will grant to the most deserving students four scholarships of 1.000,00 € each, to be used for school expenses.

The involved institutes are of course those of Fiemme and Fassa: “La Rosa Bianca” in Cavalese and Predazzo, the “Centro di Formazione Professionale ENAIP” in Tesero and the school “Giuseppe Soraperra” in Pozza di Fassa.

The project is referred to all the students living in Fiemme and Fassa valleys, attending the above mentioned High Schools and who are committed in the study, sport activities and voluntary works.

The four winners will be announced in occasion of the election of the Soreghina 2018,

“If you can’t be a pine on a mountain, be a plant in the valley,
But be the best, little plant on the stream bank.
If you can’t be a tree, be a bush.
It you can’t be a highway, be a path.
It you can’t be the sun, be a star.
Be the best of what you are.
Try to discover the drawing you have called to be. Then get with passion to realize it in your life.” 

Martin Luther King

The awarded students were Caterina Carpano, Alice Gasperini, Alessio Gottardi and Matteo Leso. Let's get to know them better... 

Matteo LesoMatteo Leso, 17 years old from Predazzo, attends the Predazzo Technical High School, Administration, Finance and Marketing Department. He practices cross-country skiing and he is part of the Trentino FISI Committee. Engaged in social activities, he is a volunteer of the SportABILI Association and the Ski Team Dolomitica, the local Sport Club.

What is the secret of getting good grades and succeeding in cultivating your passion for sport?
For me the secret is the determination, the desire to get involved and the great passion for sport.

What are your reference models in sport and life?
In life, my parents are my models: they have taught me to have respect for the others, to help and to believe in dreams without ever giving up. As for sports, I really enjoy Tord Asle Gjerdalen, a great skier who has also become a great person, graduating in Medicine and Valentino Rossi, a champion who constantly finds stimuli and at the same time, has fun.

Alice GasperiniAlice Gasperini, born in 1998 in Cavalese, has just graduated from the Accounting & Business Economics Department. She practices Ice Hockey in the Women's Series Championship and her sports career can already count the participation in the U18 World Championships and with the National Senior Italian Team. Last season the CONI Federation awarded her with the bronze medal of athletic value for the excellent results that she achieved.

What are the prospects for your sports career?
I would love to take part in the Winter Olympics wearing the national uniform. First, however, I would like to play in foreign championships of the highest level, so that I can improve my ability more and more.

Your biggest dream for the future is ...
At this moment, as I am still young, my greatest dream for the future is to be able to achieve maximum results in sports, study and work.

Caterina CarpanoCaterina Carpano of Pozza di Fassa has graduated at the Scientific Highschool. Young snowboarder, new entry in the Italian national team, she won a prestigious third place at the Lillehammer 2016 Youth Olympic Games. In addition to sports, she plays the clarinet in the local band and she is part of the Italian Guides and Scout Association.

What are the most important appointments and goals of next season?
The next season will be the decisive one to be able to enter the national team A. I have been selected for the European Cup circuit, hoping to get to the podium. At the end of the season, there will be Junior World Championships in New Zealand. It will be fun!

Express a desire for the future
I wish I could always find the time to spend on other activities beyond the sport: I really enjoy playing with the band and exploring nature with other scouts.

Alessio GottardiAlessio Gottardi, 16 years old of Moena, is still attending the Ladin Highschool and participates actively in all the activities promoted by the school. He is part of the Fassa alpine ski team, but loves to run and he was engaged as a volunteer.

You are the youngest student who received the Marcialonga scholarship. A nice satisfaction...
Yes indeed. I realize that I still have a long way to go but now I have an extra motivation to continue doing all the things that I love to do. At the end, if you put passion and commitment in trying to reach your goals, you always get repaid.

How do you reconcile study, sports and extracurricular activities?
In my view, the real secret to be able to put together all the activities over a day is to have the desire to practice them. Moreover, for me sport is the best way to relieve the tensions accumulated during the day.



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