The new Marcialonga community dedicated to the female world

The new Marcialonga community dedicated to the female world

When Marcialonga was born in 1971, women could not participate as it was considered to be too heavy and demanding for the "weaker sex".

Some tried to participate dressed up like men, with fake moustache and padding. And finally, in 1978 participation opened to women and 150 excited ladies were at the start line.  In 2011, the female participants were 1400, a real record.
In order to participate to Marcialonga, it does not matter in which sport discipline (xc-skiing, road-biking, running), you need preparation, perseverance, character; but you do not need to be a professional athlete. Common women have crossed the finish line across the years.
A couple of years ago, Marcialonga launched the MarcialonGirl project, inciting women to practice sport and creating a female community to share their experiences and support each other. The Ambassadors of the project are women and girls with a big passion for sport and Marcialonga.

Their passion for sport never stopped and they shared it with us on their social media. The same did Enrica, Cristina and Karen, ambassadors 2019.

Keep on following them on their social media channels @ilaria_lancia @cancellieri_federica @gaiapanozzo, and so not miss their stories, training and tips.

You are MarcialonGirls: women, mothers, workers, students, housewives. All of you. Share with us your trainings and sport experiences in sight of Marcialonga using #marcialongirl

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Follow her Instagram & Facebook where you can see her experience and... let her inspire you!

Ciao Ilaria! We are happy to have you in the team! What does MarcialonGirl mean to you?

Being MarcialonGirl is a big honor for me, but also a challenge. I would love to create a groud of women that love the mountains with whom we can share the passion for this sport and to support each other.
I have started being passionate about cross country skiing and other endurance sports right thanks to Marcialonga. The thing that I liked the most is that, even if it is an individual sport, during Marcialonga you are never alone. On the contrary! It is thanks to the people that you meet before, during and after the race that you manage to gain the strenght and reach the finish line. The more we are, the better! 

Marcialonga, How do you train and what does it mean to face it among your daily duties?

I am looking forward to it all year long but the time to prepare it is never enough. I live in Milan and work in an office but I use every free moment to do sport! During the winter season I try to get to the mountains on the weekend to ski and during the week I run in the lunch break - I get out of the office quite late at night, so it is the only moment that I have). Now I am learning to go on roller skis, to train my arms, I am not a gym person... When there is no snow, I also run, mostly trails! 

Is there something you would like to say to the women of Marcialonga?

Ciao to all that are already "Marcialonghiste", and I am looking forward to meeting them, and to those who are still unsure, I would love to tell them that I have been taking part to Marciaonga after only 7 times on skis in my life. We are excellent in making our heads reach goals that our legs and arms won't reach, so let's take advantage of it! 


There are about three months left to the 14th Edition of Marcialonga Craft and so we would love to introduce to you Federica, passionate road-bike rider from Rome, this year's MarcialonGirl for the cycling event.

Follow her Instagram profile where she will share her rides, involving you in her road to Marcialonga Craft...a very enthusiastic trip! 

Ciao Federica, welcome in the team! What does it mean to you being a MarcialonGirl?

I am happy to be part of your team too. For me, being a MarcialonGirl is a big honour. I particularly love this sport and I have always wished to share this passion of mine wioth the others and such a confrontation with others can teach me a lot and I can get better from both an athletic and a personal aspect. I see this project as a perfect occasion to realize these goals. 

Marcialonga, how do you train and what does it mean to face it among your daily duties?

Preparing for Marcialonga is not only a pleasure but also the concrete wish to get better, and the wish to be realized in this project that I particulare care of: realizing my work, the efforts and sacrifices done with a smile on my lips. 

Is there something you would like to say to the women of Marcialonga?

First of all, dear MarcialonGirls, never give up, believe in it. This sport teaches us that it does not matter how hard the climbs are to get to the top...what really matters is the finish, everyone going at their pace. It is when you are on the top that you admire the path you have been riding and enjoy the landscape below that you reach the essence of this sport: pure beauty in the daily effort to get better and be free from all constriction: free to be who we want to be.


And let us introduce also the MarcialonGirl for Marcialonga Coop: her name is Gaia Panozzo, she comes from Val di Fiemme and has been participating more times to Marcialonga...

Follow her Facebook and Instagram and let her motivate you with her energy!

We are happy to have you on the team! What does it mean to you being a MarcialonGirl?

Being MarcialonGirl for me is trying to reach a goal also together with other girls, spreading fun, well being and the strenght to face together a challenge for you person, physics and your mind. Trying to spread the the importance to face the challenges of life, also through sports.

Marcialonga, how do you train and what does it mean to face it among your daily duties?

I don't have a plan. There are busy weeks and few time, but I always think: "once I get back from the run I am happy and feel good", then I go. 
I prepare for Marcialonga training 2/3 times every week from spring to september, of course I am not that strict to if once I don't manage to go or I don't have the time. We live in a beautiful valley that offers many chances to train: running, walking, hiking and skiing. Of course, 26 km requires a goos prepration to avoid muscle pain after the race and to face it with more serenity and have lots of fun!

Is there something you would like to say to the women of Marcialonga?

MarcialonGirls, you have always been a model to me!!My personal challenge in the past years has always been Marcialonga Running, and now representing you will be a honour!! 
Smile, grit, determination,and a little bit of agonism will let us experience another great marcialonga! See you in Moena or maybe before for some training together!!



#MarcialonGirl wants to make women feel strong from a sport perspective and create a ladies community for sharing and mutual support: who takes part in Marcialonga is a heroine and a source of inspiration for other common women who take the challenge or wish to, but still miss the courage.

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Donne di Montagna (Mountain Ladies)

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