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News date19.01.2024

The traditional ski wax brand TOKO has been characterized for decades by its many years of experience and innovative development in the field of ski waxing. With a clear focus on quality and performance and its own development and research facility in Switzerland, TOKO offers a comprehensive overall package for ski preparations of all kinds. In addition, the company has positioned itself as an absolute pioneer of fluorfree products in the industry. The consistent decision to rely exclusively on fluorfree ski waxes particularly illustrates the company's responsible commitment. Through intensive research and development, the traditional brand has developed fluorine-free ski waxes that not only meet the strict standards of the World Cup, but also minimize environmental impact.

While professional sport in particular is now working intensively within the new regulations and completely dispensing with fluorine, the flawless cleaning of skis, tools & co. is of central importance, especially at all other international races. And that is important, because: The slightest mistake can not only mean a loss of performance on the cross-country trail, but can also lead to serious consequences due to the new regulations. With these three simple steps for care and fluor cleaning your equipment will also meet the new requirements and regulations.

1) Open the base
An important first step to achieve the best results when fluorine cleaning your skis is to thoroughly clean the base. Do not underestimate the importance of this step, as a clean base is the foundation for an effective cleaning process. Make sure you get a high-quality oval brush made of copper or steel. These brushes are ideal for penetrating deep into the base structure and removing stubborn dirt. Make sure the decking is dry to achieve optimum cleaning results. Start by opening the base. Use light pressure to guide the brush in a straight line over the flooring. Make sure to cover the entire surface of the base and focus especially on high-wear areas such as the center of the ski.

2) Apply Racing Wax Remover
After the base has been properly opened, you can spread the Racing Wax Remover evenly over the ski. Ideally, you should combine the application of the Remover with the Base Tex. To ensure that the concentrate can remove even the smallest fluorine particles, you can now also work the liquid in with a Base Copper brush and remove the smallest fluorine residues. You can then place a Base Tex under the brush and brush the ski 3-4 more times with light pressure. The Base Tex will help you to visualize the dirt. After a 10-minute drying time of the base surface, you can then work the base in again with a copper or steel brush.

3) Hot waxing, stripping and brushing out
Then apply the Base Performance Cleaning to the ski base, after a few minutes remove with a Plexi Blade and brush out again with a Base Copper. Hot waxing the skis is not only crucial for improving the gliding properties, but also serves as an integral part of the cleaning process. A thorough treatment of the ski surface also leads to optimized performance, extends the service life of the base and at the same time removes even the smallest fluorine residues. Insider tip: Don't just follow the steps once, but repeat them 2-3 times. By repeating the cleaning process regularly, you not only increase the effectiveness, but also ensure thorough removal of fluorine residues. The motto is: the more often you repeat the cleaning process, the more certain you can be that your goal of a flawless fluorine-free finish will be achieved.

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