Race Rules

The rules to take part in the Marcialonga skiing race

1) The international F.I.S. popular cross-country ski race Marcialonga di Fiemme e Fassa will take place the last Sunday of January over two distances:

  • Marcialonga Light Moena - Predazzo 45 km classic technique
  • Marcialonga Moena - Cavalese 70 km classic technique

2) All male and female skiers from 18 years old and members of the National Associations belonging to F.I.S. may enter the 70 km long race.
The short race 45 km is open also to competitors from 16 years of age with written permission of their parents.

3) On the entry-form all personal details must be clearly written and the selection of the distance done; the Organising Committee will choose the long one when not indicated. Entries which are incomplete or without the entry-fee paid will not be accepted.
The Organising Committee could anticipate the closing date of entries when reaching the final number of 7.000 competitors for the 70 km race and 500 competitors for the 45 km race: only in this case the fees will be refunded. The entry gives the right to compete in the race and to use all the services provided by the Organising Committee: shuttle buses, food stations, technical assistance, waxing service along the course, transport of clothes from start to finish (max weight 3 kg and value not higher than the entry-fee) and the service at the finish. Any other expenses are charged to the competitor.

4) The entry-fee is € 99,00 up to October 25th and 110€ from October 26th.
In case of impossibility of participation there is the opportunity to ask for the passage of the money-fee from a participant to another of the same nationality (it is not a passage of the start-number, in fact the new skier will receive a number based on his own results). The written request must be submitted to the secretary office by the registered person and it must contain all personal details of the new competitor (SEE THE FORM). The fee for the change is 20,00 € until 15th January and 30,00 € from 16th until 25th January (deadline) and it will be requested at the race office when collecting the bib. 
The request for distance change is accepted only in case of availability of start-numbers until 25th January and charged of 20,00 € to be paid at the race office.
The exchange of bibs among competitors is forbidden and can lead to disqualification.
Entry-fees will neither be returned for any reason nor considered valid for next editions.

5) Start-numbers must be collected at the race office in Cavalese (Congress Centre) presenting an id-document during the following hours:

Thursday 28th 3:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.
Friday 29th 9:00 a.m. -  8:00 p.m.
Saturday 30th 9:00 a.m. -  8:00 p.m.


The starting numbers are decided by the Organising Committee with unquestionable sentence according to the percentage of the athlete. Percentage is the ratio between the placing in 2019 or 2020 and the number of competitors started (2019: athletes started 70km- 5748; athletes started 45km- 509 // 2020: athletes started 70km- 5882; athletes started 45km- 584) The calculation is according the following formula:
Each starting group covers a range of percentage as the following table.
(If you want to know your percentage in Marcialonga write your name on the FOLLOWING LINK >)

  70 km
bibs from / to
45 km light
bibs from / to
Marcialonga %
start 8.00 - set time
1-300 10001-10300 1% - 2,30%
301-500 10301-10500 2,31% - 5,00%
start 8.05
501-1100 10501-11100 5,01% - 15,00%
start 8.10
1101-1700 11101-11700 15,01% - 25,00%
start 8.15
1701-2300 11701-12300 25,01% - 35,00%
start 8.20
2301-2900 12301-12900 35,01% - 45,00%
start 8.25
2901-3500 12901-13500 45,01% - 55,00%
start 8.30
3501-4100 13501-14100 55,01% - 65,00%
start 8.35
4101-4700 14101-14700 65,01% - 76,00%
start 8.40
10° 4701-5300 14701-15300 76,01% - 88,00%
start 8.45
11° 5301-5900 15301-15900 88,01% - 99,00%
start 8.50
12° 5901-6500 15901-16500 99,01% - 99,99%
start 8.55
13° 6501- 7100 16501-17100 99,01% - 99,99%
start 9.00
14° 7101- 7500 17101-17500 99,01% - 99,99%

When first time entry, also Worldloppet and Ski Classics races 2019-2020 could be considered if communicated on the entry-form. In this case, the seeding is according to this table (SEEDING TABLE).
The percentage in the short race Marcialonga Light will be taken into consideration for those competitors who want to register for the first time in the 70 km, by adding two groups. 

No seeding request will be considered the week before the race.

If the group fills up, the skier will move to next lower available one.

6) The start in Moena will be given in different waves according to the timetable above. The opening of the boxes could be postponed in case of queues in the first part of the course.

7) Clothes or backpack must be put in the appropriate plastic bag with the special sticker attached and closed with a knot before handing it in. Bags must be delivered in the truck with the same colour.
The Organising Committee is not responsible for the bags and clothes left in the boxes.
The participants of the Marcialonga Light 45 Km can collect their clothes sacks at the finish in Predazzo.

7) The check-in at the gate is obligatory and it is from 7:00 a.m. In case of start in a prior gate, the competitor could be disqualified or or given a penalty of time, decided by the Organising Committee, applied on the race time.

8) The race is in classic technique: the free technique is forbidden and leads to disqualification. This will be strictly supervised all along the course by the officials in charge. During the race there is no right to ask for "free track" for those who want to overtake another competitor. Replacement of both skis and removal of skis during the race are forbidden.
The Jury has the right to penalise or disqualify the competitors who break these rules. Competitors who deliberately linger on the track or are not to continue anymore, will be disqualified.

9) Time gates: competitors who do not pass canazei at 12.30 p.m.- Pozza di Fassa at 1.45 p.m. - Predazzo at 3.30 p.m. - Molina at 5.30 p.m., must break off the race. the closing time of gates might change for safety reasons. other gates may be set up by the organising committee.

10) Competitors registered in Marcialonga 70 km who decide to stop in Predazzo at the short-race finish or do not pass the time-gate will not be classified either in one or the other ranking list. Competitors registered in Marcialonga Light 45 km must stop at the short-race finish and are not allowed to go ahead along the course.

11) For circumstances beyond one's control, the Organising Committee can decide to make changes of the course or cancel the races. In case of cancellation, the Organising Committee will guarantee to all the registered people the 50% discount on next year fee.

12) Protests must be delivered to the Jury within 10 minutes after the end of the race, accompanied by 50,00 €. The fee will be refunded if the protest is accepted.

13) It must be clear that to take part in Marcialonga it is necessary to be physically and technically well prepared: for this reason, each competitor, when entering the race, must be personally responsible for declaring to be properly trained.

14) The Organising Committee is authorised to apply penalties or disqualify competitors with unsportsmanlike conduct during the event, dumping of waste outside the containers included. The Organising Committee hold also the right to carry out random controls on the competitors to check that they have not used any forbidden stimulant or drug.

14) By sending the entry-form Competitors confirms the willingness to accept and abide by the current Race Regulation, exempting the Organising Committee from any liability in case of damage done or suffered. For any other matter not in the present rules, it is to be considered the F.I.S. Guidelines for Popular Cross-Country Competitions.

As established in the Law D.Lgs. 196/03 Art.13, the personal details of competitors will be used for the database, the archives, the start and result lists, the photo-service, the different information and magazines, only by the people in charge of this job inside the Marcialonga Organising Committee, which is the named responsible as establish in the same law Art. 11. It is possible at any time to require the Privacy Rights of the D.Lgs. 196/03 Art. 7.



I agree to the storage of my data. The data will be handled according to the substitutive decreed article 13 no. 196/2003.

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