Race Rules

The rules to take part in the Marcialonga Coop

1. The Marcialonga Coop is an International running race organised on a 26,450 km course organized by the Marcialonga Ski Club in cooperation with the Sport Clubs and municipalities of Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa.

Date: Sunday, 6 September 2020


2. All male and female runners, members of their National Sport Association IAAF from 20 years old may enter the race. Those without a valid license, may request the Running Card (the insurance for the race, valid for one year from the date of issue) directly at the race office presenting a medical certificate attending the physical ability of the runner. The cost of the card is 5€.

The documentation regarding the licence and the health certificate must be uploaded on the registration system MyEB or it should be sent via via e-mail to the OC prior to the race.

The Running Card request must be presented and paid in advance, sending the certificate and the documentation via mail together with the health certificate.

The Organizing Commettee has the right to refuse unwanted registration, especially when concerning athletes previously disqualified due to doping.


3. Entries must be submitted on-line on The payment can be done with:

- credit-card payment directly on-line;

- bank transfer to Cassa Rurale Val di Fiemme, SWIFT/BIC CCRTIT2T50A  / IBAN IT27 S081 8435 2800 0000 0083 816
For entries with bank transfer the receipt of payment must be sent to Incomplete entry-forms or without the payment will not be accepted.

There is a maximum amount of 1500 runners fixed and it will not be possible to register on spot.

Groups registration can be done by sending the special form with the copy of the total payment enclosed.

The entry gives the right to compete in the race and to use all the services provided by the Organising Committee: drink and food stations, transport of clothes from the start to the finish, medical assistance, shuttle bus (limited availability and finisher bag including the gadget, post-race snack and participation medal. Every other expense is charged to the competitor.


4. The entry-fee is:

30,00 € up to June 26th 

35,00 € up to September 4th

40,00 € on Saturday 5th September - deadline

Entries on-line will close Saturday, 5th September at 6.00 p.m. 

For those who cannot take part in the race, the OC gives the possibility to ask for the passage of fee (not starting number) to another runner. The request must be sent by email to or fax +39 0462.501120, with all the data of the new racer, within the 4th of September. The fee for the name change is 10,00 € that will be requested at the bib collection.

Entry-fees will not be returned for any reason and are not valid for next editions.

The exchange of bibs among competitors is forbidden and can lead to disqualification.


5. The starting numbers are decided by the Organising Committee with unquestionable sentence as follows and taking into account also the date of registration. Should the group be full, the races will be moved to the next free group available:

1st group 2nd group 3rd group 4th group
1 - 100  100 - 500  501-1000 1000 - ON
< 1:38:00
Marcialonga Coop 2018 - 2019
1:36:01< 2:09:00
Marcialonga Coop 2018 - 2019
Marcialonga Coop 2018 - 2019
> 2:30:01
Marcialonga Coop 2018 - 2019
half marathon '18-'19 < 1:16 half marathon '18-'19 < 1:36 half marathon '18-'19 < 1:55  

For logistic reasons, the numbers will be reallocated before the event to fill up the starting waves, taking into account the results and the date of registration. 

6. Start-numbers collection is at the Race Office in Moena - Navalge Theatre during the following hours:

Friday, 4th September: 5 p.m. – 8 p.m. (reservation needed)

Saturday, 5th September: 9.00 a.m. - 8.00 p.m.

Sunday, 6th September: 7.30 a.m. - 10.00 a.m. (reservation needed)

Bib pick-up on Friday and Sunday is possible only when booked via mail as only 250 people are allowed to access the office in these days.
Temperature will be measured to everyone before entering the bib distribution area and only those who have a temperature lower than 37,5° C will be allowed to enter the building. When entering, you will have to hand over the confirmation of registration and the Covid-19 auto-certification.

It is mandatory to present an ID document when collecting the bib.

The collection of start-numbers by a delegate is allowed upon presentation of a proxy.

For Teams, a  representative of the group can pick up all starting numbers, presenting the complete list of competitors signed by the Team President and the receipt of the total payment. Starting numbers may be prepared in a single package if it is requested to not later than Thursday, 3 September.

Start-numbers and gadgets will not be sent at home if not collected at the race office. 


7. The timing service is provided by MySDAM with a one-way chip that should be placed on the chest, paying attention to not damage it when putting it on.

Rankings will be created according to category and gender. The Top 10 of Men and Ladies of the total ranking will be awarded with prize-money that will be handed over via bank transfer in the days following the event.

There will be a “flower ceremony” dedicated to the top 3 men and top 3 women, respecting the correct distances.


8. Access to the start area is allowed only after having completed the check-in which consists in:

Check that the runner is wearing a mask
Check that the runner is wearing the bib and that the number and the color of the bib correspond to the right start-time
Checking the temperature: runners with a temperature higher than 37,5° C will not be admitted into the area
Handing over the auto-certification Covid-19
Check that the runner has the clothing-bag that has been given by the OC and that the number is correctly placed.


9. Once check-in is completed, athletes should hand over their clothes bag at the dedicated spot and must split into three rows, maintaining the indicated distance.

Positioning within the rows will follow the entry of athletes not the bib number.

Start will be at 8.30 and it will happen every 15 seconds in each row (one athlete every 5 seconds).

After crossing the start line it will be possible to take off the mask and eventually throw it in the dedicated bins positioned along the row.

Starting rows should be respected for the firs 200m. The maximum time is fixed in 3 hours and 30 minutes. Those who will not manage to finish in this time, will not be considered in the ranking.


10. While racing the “no draft rule” is valid, this means that i twill not be possible to follow the athlete in front of you when he/she is closer than 5 m nor it is allowed to run in groups. It is allowed to run close to another athlete when 1,5m distancing is maintained. Along the track, there will be controllers both on bikes and on foot to check the respect of the rules and sanction incorrect behaviours.


11. Along the course, during the competition, it is forbidden to all bikers and any other vehicle to have access to the track interested by the passage of the runners (excluding the controllers)


12. There will be three feeding stations with water bottles, gels and packed snacks. It is possible to enter the feeding station one at a time, following one of the three rows available.
Self-service is NOT permitted.

It is mandatory to use the dedicated points and containers for throwing away plastic and food waste.Dumping of waste outside the dedicated containers is forbidden. The OC is authorised to disqualify the competitors who do not respect this rule.

There will be no cooling sponges available, but in case of hot temperatures, there will be refreshment areas with water sprays.


13. The finish is located in Cavalese in Via F.lli Bronzetti. Upon arrival, the finisher bag and a mask will be handed over to every participant, who should wear it.


14. You can collect you clothes bag after the finish, at the Sport Palace in Cavalese, showing your bib. You will be allowed to enter the area only wearing a mask and sanitizing your hands.


15. The use of private assistance is strictly forbidden and leads to disqualification. An appropriate assistance is provided by the organisation. The use of poles is not allowed as well as running in spikes


16. For circumstances beyond one's control, the Organising Committee can decide to make changes to the course or cancel the race. In case of cancellation the Organising Committee will guarantee to all the registered people the 50% discount on next year fee.


17. Protests must be delivered to the Jury within half an hour after the end of the race, accompanied by 100,00 €. The fee will be refunded if the protest is accepted.


18. It must be clear that to take part in Marcialonga Coop it is necessary to be physically and technically well-prepared: for this reason each competitor must be personally responsible for his/her own sport health.


19. The Organising Committee is authorized to apply penalties or disqualify competitors for unsportsmanlike behavior during the event. 

By sending the entry-form the competitor, together with the chief of the team, certifies that there are no sporting sanctions, civil and/or criminal penalties, even if granted, or ongoing investigations against her/him for acts relating to doping and declare not to have assumed or not assuming substances included in the list of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). The mendacious self-certification will be prosecuted according to law.


20. By sending the entry-form, competitors acknowledge and accept these rules, exempting the Organising Committee from any liability in case of damage done or suffered. The national regulation of ACSI is contemplated.


As established in the Law D.Lgs. 196/03 Art.13, the personal details of competitors will be used for the database, the archives, the start and result lists, the photo-service, the different information and magazines, only by the people in charge of this job inside the Marcialonga Organising Committee, which is the named responsible as establish in the same law Art. 11. It is possible at any time to require the Privacy Rights of the D.Lgs. 196/03 Art. 7.



I agree to the storage of my data. The data will be handled according to the substitutive decreed article 13 no. 196/2003.

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