1971-2021: 50 Years of Marcialonga

The idea of the Marcialonga goes a long way back. In 1969 Italian athletes officially took part in Vasaloppet for the first time. Giulio Giovannini and Roberto Moggio managed to cross the finish line and the year after they were followed in the expedition by Nele Zorzi and Mario Cristofolini. As enthusiasm mounted, there came the idea of creating something similar in the two valleys of Fiemme and Fassa, adding typical Italian warmth, seasoned with lots of imagination to the exertion of covering such long distances.
Here in the Italian craddle of cross-country skiing, the four founders were supported by a determined team of collaborators later to be joined by new volunteers.
But what should it be called? In the end the name “Marcialonga” or Long March was chosen as it was felt to neatly encapsulate the idea of the hard work and friendly competition of the athletes as well as the involvement of the spectators of such great event.
On 7th February 1971, the Fiemme and Fassa valleys heard the echo of the gun shot which signaled the start of the first Marcialonga, destined to revolutionise the history and traditions of skiing. After more than 45 years, Marcialonga has become an event not to be missed in the world of winter sports.

Both professional and amateur skiers are at the start every year, and participants of the last groups are jokingly called “bisonti” (bisons). Among them the Senators, who took part in all the editions of Marcialonga.

Marcialonga is a founding member of the Worldloppet, the Euroloppet and the Alpentris, and these joined ventures with the most important races of the world, have spread the name of Fiemme and Fassa everywhere. It is also part of the Visma Ski Classics circuit from the very beginning in 2010/2011 and it is one of the four events that are part of the new prestigeous trophy "the Grand Classics" together with Vasaloppet, Birkebeinerrennet and Jizerská 50.

Year after year, different events were born, starting from those dedicated to children and youths, the charity race for guests, the revival of the past with old equipment and the Summer events Marcialonga cycling Craft and Marcialonga running Coop,  all surrounded with fair play and sportive, joyful spirit.



It was February 7, 1971: the first edition of a race that is now part of history and that led many amateur skiers closer to this discipline.

In order to honour this important accomplishment and to celebrate the memories of the past and the projects of the future, we are proud to present the commemorative logo created by the Manuel Bottazzo Design studio.

  • It represents the time-lapse between the birth of Marcialonga until now: 1971-2021.
  • It highlights the 50 years of a successful challenge.
  • It underlines the vision of those who created the Marcialonga brand, with big courage. Marcialonga is indeed not only a cross-country skiing race, but a brand meaning sport for everyone, professionals and amateurs, kids and adults, which represents tradition, culture and territory and that wishes to share its ideals, values and projects.
  • It emphasizes a race, an event, an Organization Made in Italy.
  • It includes the “Italy blue” colour which has been the distinctive colour of the Italian National team in all sport disciplines since 1911.
  • It promotes Marcialonga for what it represents: not only Nordic Ski (With the blue colour on the logo) but also Road Bike (Marcialonga Craft in RED) and Running (Marcialonga Coop in GREEN).

The logo will be used on the different materials and communication channels, mostly together with the official logo and depending on the event that is about to take place. In 2017, Marcialonga decided to differentiate the colours of its disciplines using the blue – symbol of winter, of the sky and of the balance for the historical cross country ski race; the red colour - representing passion, adrenaline and energy - for the road-bike race and finally green – expressing harmony and vitality, the colour of fields and forests in summer, for the running race.

The commemorative logo will also be often connected to the claim GET INVOLVED BY DOLOMITES, the message that has been accompanying Marcialonga communication for some years and that aims to be an invitation to get involved in sports and its emotions that only the Dolomites can convey.

We remind you also the event calendar for next year:




With the 2021 campaign, we would like to tell the passionate story of Marcialonga during its first 50 years of history. It is formed by a collection of images, which were quite hard to select, as it is very hard to resume many facts, people, happenings and anecdotes.

So, in the pictures you will see the founders of Marcialonga and all the people who contributed to its success. The presidents who followed in the years. The General Secretaries who managed the events. Important people from a political, social, sportive point of view or from the show-business. Some champions who participated and were successful. The “bisonti”. Men and women, young and old. The “Soreghine. The volunteers, real engine of Marcialonga. Our sponsors. The press conferences. The twinnings. The projects. The brand Marcialonga and its evolution. All the events organized by Marcialonga, even those who have been organized for some years only: Skirollonga, Minimarcialonga, Marcialonga Stars, Marcialonga Young, Marcialonga Story, Marcialonga Running, Marcialonga Cycling, Minicycling, Minirunning, Staffetta Marcialonga Coop. The territory where it takes place, the beautiful Val di Fiemme and Val di Fassa. The encounters, dinners, the meeting point with friends and supporters.

Telling a story through images is our intention, to involve all those who are watching and be part of what is a real fairy-tale, started with the dream of four friends…




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