News date29.01.2023

Sun, blue (cold) sky and 70-fairy km from Moena to Cavalese
Gjerdalen gambles, ending after Persson
Magni Smedaas, a remarkable victory in Ski Classics
More than 7000 skiers on the track

Emil Persson (SWE) was an authentic “sniper”, a true “Kulsprutepistol” (a Swedish gun)! Six victories out of six in Ski Classics, signing today his second victory at Marcialonga, right to celebrate its 50th edition. Scandinavia confirmed its supremacy also with the Norwegian Magni Smedaas, who was able to control, first, leaving behind her opponents, among them the yellow bib Ida Dahl, (4th).
50th Marcialonga was one of a kind. White landscape, a perfect conditions track, clear sky and a shy sun, yet very cold.
Many people along the track, across villages, cheering for their idols and compatriots. A Marcialonga that got back to its gold old times pre-Covid, with more than 7000 participants.
Men have been fast since the very beginning, thanks also to a perfect snow. At 8 o’clock am, the President Angelo Corradini and the Soreghina, Sabrina Pellegrin, shooted the start in Moena. First to go, Ski Classics men, women five minutes later. Buskqvist won the first Sprint in Canazei; Moen won the second one in Predazzo. The strongest group passed in Ziano at 10 am, with the veteran Anders Aukland showing up among the first positions. The legendary Aukland was third in Lago di Tesero, following Eklof and Maenpaa.
The Cascata “iconic climb” was getting closer and about 10 km to go, the group started to set a higher pace because everyone wanted to be the first to get to Mur de la Stria. Oskar Kardin set the pace at Cascata bridge, but at 1 km to go, Morten Eide Pedersen got in first position.
An epic final consisted of Emil Persson showing up as first along Viale Mendini in Cavalese, crowned as the winner by Angelo Corradini after 2h48’57’’. Second place for a slightly disappointed Tord Asle Gjerdalen, followed by Andreas Nygaard.
Among women, there were two important absences: Astrid Øyre Slind, racing in the World Cup in France, and her compatriot Emilie Fleten. The race seemed immediately tactic. Alnaes won the Sprint in Canazei, followed by Sömskar and Dahl, on track again after Covid. 43 km to go, four women formed a group that had been representing the main protagonist of the race: Dahl, Larsson, Smedaas and Alnaes. Smedaas sprinted in Predazzo, followed closely by Anikken Gjerde Alnaes and Larsson, while Dahl lowed her pace. After 3 hour and 14 minutes, a cheerful and loud crowd welcomed Magni Smedaas. She could not believe what she has just done. Second place for Alnaes and third for Jenny Larsson.
Marcialonga Light (45 km) ended in Predazzo, Simone Mastrobattista and Michaela Patscheider wrote their names on the prestigious Roll of Honour. Among the 7000 participants, two names showed up, the Olympic athlete Katerina Neumannova and the Prince of Sweden Charles Philip, ending his race in 5h29’03’’.
Honourable mention to 50x50 participants, confronting the 70 km track with 1971 materials, just as in the very first Marcialonga.
Great satisfaction for the organising committee, thanked and cheered by all participants, from Pro Tour’s to amateurs that skied along this extraordinary 50th edition’s binaries.

Marcialonga 70 km - men
1 Persson Emil SWE 02:48:57; 2 Gjerdalen Tord Asle NOR 02:48:58; 3 Nygaard Andreas NOR 02:49:00; 4 Pedersen Morten Eide NOR 02:49:00; 5 Paus Herman NOR 02:49:01; 6 Riege Amund NOR 02:49:05; 7 Ekloef Johannes SWE 02:49:13; 8 Bing Thomas GER 02:49:14; 9 Hoelgaard Stian NOR 02:49:15; 10 Jutterstroem Axel SWE 02:49:18

Marcialonga 70 km - women
1 Smedaas Magni NOR 03:14:00; 2 Alnaes Anikken Gjerde NOR 03:15:06; 3 Larsson Jenny SWE 03:16:05; 4 Dahl Ida SWE 03:17:25; 5 Soemskar Linn SWE 03:17:40; 6 Roivas Kati FRA 03:18:18; 7 Palmberg Ida SWE 03:19:58; 8 Joensson Haag Anna SWE 03:20:02; 9 Hedenstroem Karolina SWE 03:20:49; 10 Kivikko Noora FIN 03:21:14

Marcialonga Light 45 km - men
1 Mastrobattista Simone ITA 01:57:45; 2 Cerutti Lorenzo ITA 01:58:05; 3 Ferrari Matteo ITA 01:58:24; 4 Amhof Manuel ITA 01:58:31; 5 Kretzachmar Ruben GER 02:00:01; 6 Busin Emanuele ITA 02:03:36; 7 Kirchler Michael AUT 02:05:48; 8 Leso Christian ITA 02:06:05; 9 Varesco Giacomo ITA 02:10:12; 10 Sandoz Daniel SUI 02:11:35

Marcialonga Light 45 km - women
1 Patscheider Michaela ITA 02:17:18; 2 Schwingshackl Thea ITA 02:29:01; 3 Piller Caterina ITA 02:32:13; 4 Neumannova Katerina CZE 02:39:20; 5 Mikkelsen Nora NOR 02:50:29; 6 Benzoni Laura ITA 02:56:22; 7 Mali Andreja SLO 02:59:28; 8 Kalalova Tereza CZE 03:10:35; 9 Beumler Tanja SUI 03:14:08; 10 Vaclavkova Barbora CZE 03:15:31

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