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The 51st Marcialonga of the 6.357 bisons goes all out
The “norge” Emilie Fleten and Runar Skaug Mathisen in “rocket” mode
Dietmar Noeckler (25th) and Michaela Patscheider (21st) are the best Italians
Maria Eugenia Boccardi and Tommaso Dellagiacoma conquer the Light (45km)

The two winners of the 51st edition of Marcialonga, the Norwegians Emilie Fleten and Runar Skaug Mathisen, flew literally like rockets in the 70 km from Moena to Cavalese, triumphing in a Marcialonga fast like no others.
At 8 am the start of the men’s race from Moena, that already sets a very fast pace and fastly fled towards the turning point of Canazei. All the big tried to control themselves and set an impossible pace. It is Johan Hoel (NOR) the first to cut the Sprint point, followed by Simen Ramstad (NOR) and Alfred Buskqvist (SWE). A spectacular performance of the Lager 157 Ski Team that imposed a galloping pace: Emil Persson (SWE), winner of last year’s edition of Marcialonga, took the lead of the group, tiring out the best athletes of Ski Classics, and his teammate Runar Skaug Mathisen took the perfect chance to launch the decisive attack at the slope after Predazzo. Mathisen even managed to have more than a minute of advantage on the chasing group, so he faced the over 20 kilometres that separated him from the finish line in Cavalese all alone.
There was nothing that the rivals at his back could do despite the fight going on at the end of the climb of Cascata, which allowed Persson, Hoel, Odegaarden and Stadaas to recover more than 20 seconds and who, nonetheless, have to stay in line behind the Norwegian.
Double win for the Lager 157 Ski Team with Emil Persson who ends in 2nd place, while Johan Hoel is 3rd.
“Winning Marcialonga means everything to me. Our teamwork today was simply incredible, I would have never won’t without my teammates.” declares an enthusiast Runar Mathisen, the friendly beardy “Viking” with a mighty physique who surprisingly conquers the 51st Marcialonga. “Only” 5th the big favourite of the day Kasper Stadaas, who at the finish line admits: “Today we were not the strongest, congratulations to Lager for the perfect race”.
The women’s race started a 5 minutes of distance from the men’s one and saw as the protagonist, as per predictions, the Eksjöhus Team who with a strength feat imposed a fast pace since the start. In the best’s group there was even the yellow bib Emilie Fleten (NOR), other than Magni Smedås (NOR), Kati Roivas (FIN), Anikken Gjerde Alnaes (NOR) and Jenny Larsson (SWE). At the beginning of the climb of Cascata is Fleten who is leading the dances and climbs the final ascent always ahead of the others, to then prevail and win. Behind her a wild Magni Smedås reclaims important positions during the ascent and end second. Photo finish for the 3rd place with a bubbly Kati Roivas who surpasses Anikken Gjerde Alnaes in the last meters.
On the scene also the “Marcialonga Light” that stopped after 45 km at the Predazzo finish line: Maria Eugenia Boccardi and Tommaso Dellagiacoma in the first positions.
The appeal of the 6357 bisons who departed from Moena is unbeatable and while the big of Ski Classics were already facing the Val di Fassa, they were dealing with the crowding typical of the first kilometres.
Today, among the many participants, there was also a cross-country skier born in 1953 from the Czech Republic. Near Canazei his heart collapsed due to a heart attack, immediately other participants who followed him did their utmost to offer some help and readily the rescues of the organization (Croce Rossa) and the air ambulance that was waiting in Cavalese in case of emergency. However, every effort was in vain. Also the son was participating in the race and followed in first person the rescues. The president of Marcialonga Angelo Corradini and the whole committee are sorrowful and confirm that everything in their power was done to rescue the participant and huddle around with the family members. A sad note on a great day of sport.

70 km -Men
1 MATHISEN Runar Skaug NOR 2:35:53.67; 2 PERSSON Emil SWE 2:35:58.49; 3 HOEL Johan NOR 2:35:59.11; 4 OEDEGAARDEN Thomas NOR 2:36:03.35; 5 STADAAS Kasper NOR 2:36:09.66; 6 PEDERSEN Morten Eide NOR 2:36:13.94; 7 BING Thomas GER 2:36:15.60; 8 JUTTERSTROEM Axel SWE 2:36:17.70; 9 MYHLBACK Alvar SWE 2:36:18.33; 10 BRUVOLL Ole joergen NOR 2:36:22.82

70 km - Women
1 FLETEN Emilie NOR 3:01:07.93; 2 SMEDAAS Magni NOR 3:01:21.84; 3 ROIVAS Kati FIN 3:01:44.80; 4 ALNAES Anikken Gjerde NOR 3:01:45.49; 5 LARSSON Jenny SWE 3:02:55.54; 6 ELEBRO Sofie SWE 3:03:11.11; 7 SLIND Silje Oeyre NOR 3:03:21.06; 8 HEDENSTROEM Karolina SWE 3:03:37.36; 9 OUS Amalie Haakonsen NOR 3:05:30.39; 10 ERKERS Frida SWE 3:05:31.37

45 km - Men
1 DELLAGIACOMA Tommaso Sottozero Nordic Team 1:50:22.40; 2 BUSIN Emanuele Sottozero Nordic Team 1:51:10.05; 3 PONTI Giacomo Robinson Ski Team 1:51:39.45; 4 BALMETTI Mauro Under Up Ski Team Bergamo 1:51:52.86; 5 KIRCHLER Michael Austria 1:54:00.92; 6 VARESCO Giacomo Robinson Ski Team 1:57:49.70; 7 ZAMBONI Mattia Sci Club Gromo 2:07:05.95; 8 BERTAGNOLLI Cristian U.S. Stella Alpina Carano 2:07:48.50; 9 CARRARO Lorenzo Robinson Ski Team 2:09:15.75; 10 SCANDIUZZI Enrico S.C. Montebelluna 2:14:33.81

45 km - Women
1 BOCCARDI Maria Eugenia Under Up Ski Team Bergamo 2:08:51.57; 2 DELLAGIACOMA Carola Sottozero Nordic Team 2:12:36.05; 3 DE ZOLT PONTE Alessia Sottozero Nordic Team 2:23:47.22; 4 PILLER Caterina Robinson Ski Team 2:25:06.47; 5 BENZONI Laura S.C. 13 Clusone 2:32:38.13; 6 HAPP Lea Germania 2:50:35.65; 7 KOIVU Tiina Finlandia 2:53:31.79; 8 WEGRZYN Katarzyna Polonia 2:56:26.53; 9 BONELLI Laura U.S. Stella Alpina Carano 2:57:19.75; 10 LINGMERTH Marita Svezia 2:58:39.75

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